Our goal is to sell 244K IRA

You are invited to participate in a big project

Our target market are IRA fund managers who are interested increasing their exposure to crypto currency asset class. Our team have exceptional industry advantage by having experts and direct link with professionals from the IRA, ROTH-IRA sector. We will leverage our direct relationships to increase the uptake of our peer banks IRA product and extend market penetration beyond our direct contact through professional network referral system and word of mouth.

PeerBanks IRA is a token created in Ethereum platform, which offers IRA companies an invaluable tool, where companies or institutions that operate retirement funds for IRA-ROTH investment can obtain from our platform. These assets will enable them gain exposure to the virtual currencies along with traditional investment products currently offered by IRAs such as investment in Gold, Diamonds etc. This IRA fund managers can now include PeerBanks IRA, as a means of exchange among other assets or tokens based on crypto currencies.

Our platform will be able to help the IRA Companies, to make the exchange and transfers to other clients in their local fiat currency on monthly basis easily. This will allow our clients to acquire their IRA-Roth plan with PeerBanks IRA  through our platform in accordance to specific regulations of each country which has authorized the operation of Bitcoin and alternative currency.

In major jurisdiction, most the IRA companies have the permits to operate within authorized institutions to offer these services. In fact, many IRA Companies today offer ETH and BTC, but now they will have the advantage with PeerBanks Platform to easily convert the ETH and BTC to PeerBanks IRA using smart contract which will enable them to handle more volumes flexibly in terms of their monthly disbursements to the customers.

PeerBanks IRA Platform

Is the first tools destiny to (IRA) Individual Retirement Account companies
Is important dear supporter understand how it work PeerBanks asset, all IRA Companies at desire integrate the altcoins how asset, will need to used our platform, and for their use will needs to acquire PeerBanks IRA, for this reason after crowd sales will be increase to $500 each one at September 22, 2017..
PeerBanks IRA $100.00 this asset is designed for the use of IRA Companies in their accounts of retirement and pension funds worldwide

Issuance of PeerBanks IRA: 1, 000, 000 Asset 
Maximum transaction amount per Person or Institution: 1,000 PeerBanks IRA (100,000)
Bonuses: 10% Assets bonus Bounty: 690,000
Assets (10% of issuance) Total Sale goal: 68, 000, 000
Minimal Sale goal: 7, 000, 000

PeerBanks IRA is an asset , blockchain that has been issued on the Waves
blockchains. It is swappable upon command by utilizing Incent Blockswap technology.
It is the native currency of the Ethereum ERC20.

• Contract Address:
 Asset distribution rules.
• 69% (690,000 Assets) Of this amount only 249,000 PeerBanks IRA are available for participants;
• 30% (300,000 Assets) will remain in the PeerBanks Foundation for offer to IRA Companies at the second crowd sales
• 1% (10 Thousand Assets) will be distributed among team members;
All Contributions of this crowd sales is going to an escrow account.


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How PEERBANKS IRA will it work for you?

PeerBanks IRA Platform is the first IRA-blockchain linked and decentralised platform which is designed as bridge between traditional IRA investment and the modern crypto currency assets. It designed as a safe, secure and easy to use infrastructure using automated smart contract integrated on the Waves Blockchain Platform. Our peerbanks IRA platform will offer an easy, safe, secure, transparent and self-executing smart contract which will be used to manage the pension funds investment in the high growth asset class by following established IRA regulations.

Our Peerbanks investors and supporters will create value by organic growth in value of the Peerbanks IRA token. Currently, the total number of IRA token are fixed to 1,000,000. The ICO price of IRA is set to 100$ but market price for IRA will be fixed to 500$ post ICO. As more IRA funds managers buy the Peerbanks IRA as a utility token to be used in their platform it will increase the demand for IRA token. Based on the classical law of demand supply, there will be threshold through the price of IRA will start to increase with increasing demand. Therefore, the indicated price of Peerbanks IRA and PBK tokens should be treated as a “price flow” and there is no price ceiling. The price will be determined by the market demand forces since the supply is fixed. We believe that as the uptake of IRA tokens improves, the growth in price could potentially lead to significant gain in return on investment over time.

Leveraging the technological expertise of Ethereum Blockchain Platform, Peerbanks IRA platform will offer easy, safe, secure and globally accessible IRA investment platform. The platform will allow to IRA fund managers to use multiple major fiat currencies (eg. USD, Euros, Dollars, Chinese Yuan etc) as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum to invest in crypto linked IRA assets. In addition, all the assets created in Ethereum Ecosystem and the different crypto coins within the exchanges, can be means of exchange and transfer of value within the peerbanks platform.

First asset to be used in IRA (Individual Retirement Account).

Important asset, that works so that IRAs Companies can use it for handle Retirement accounts.


IRA: 1:1 // PBK: 100:1

Send your Peerbanks IRA and PBK to this wallet: 3P5JFuAHKWm65AGsCNXNNDvnPiB7MkUwEg4 copy the transaction identification (TXID) of and complete the following form, your Peerbanks IRA ERC20, will be sent when we have a total of 90% of completed applications:


“PEERBANKS IRA” Only 1 Million:
Current Price: $100.00

PeerBanks IRA: After Crowd Sales will be fixed to $500 each one


PeerBanks IRA

Whether you need help with a Rollover, Traditional, or Roth IRA
it only takes a few minutes to get started.















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